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Frequently asked questions

What special luggage can I take on board without notifying TUI fly beforehand?

Buggy, maxi cosy or easy walker
Babies up to 2 years are allowed 10 kilos of hold luggage. You may also carry one folding buggy or other small size buggy, maxi cosy or easy walker up to 10 kg, per child, free of charge. If you wish to carry more than one product or if the article weighs more than 10 kg, you will need to buy additional hold luggage. You do not need to hand in these articles at check-in, you may keep them with you until the gate. Upon arrival at your destination, you can retrieve these articles on the luggage carousel.

Laptop or portable computer game
Your laptop or portable computer game should be part of your hand luggage. They must be switched off during takeoff and landing. There is no possibility of charging the battery of such devices on board.

An urn is allowed on board and can be carried as hand luggage as long as it is included within the hand luggage limit. The urn must also be well packaged, accompanied by a death certificate, and you are not allowed to open the urn on board. If the total weight of the luggage and the urn exceeds the luggage limit, the standard excess luggage rate will be charged.

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