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Frequently asked questions

What special luggage can I take on board, which must be reported to TUI fly beforehand?

Please inform your travel agent of any special luggage.

Bridal clothing
Bridal clothing can be transported, folded, in the overhead compartment in the cabin. There is no provision on board for hanging up bridal clothing. However, bridal clothing may be refused in the cabin if there is a lack of space.
We therefore advise you to carry bridal clothing in a separate suitcase. If you inform your travel agent or tour operator of this special luggage at least one week before departure, you will be designated an extra 10 kg hold luggage on top of the luggage limit.

Hang glider
Hang gliders with a length of max. 375 cm can be carried in the hold at a charge.

Although TUI fly does not recommend carrying bicycles, they are accepted on board. A bicycle must be supplied in a bicycle box with almost flat tyres, the pedals folded up or removed and the handlebars twisted in the length direction. A bicycle box can be purchased at Schiphol Airport luggage depot. This depot can be found in the cellar under the central stairs of departure halls 1 and 2. A bicycle box costs € 23 per box and weighs approx. 5 kg.

Humanitarian goods
The transport of humanitarian goods within your hold luggage limit is free of charge and does not need to be reported beforehand. An organisation is allowed to take up to 15 kg free of charge once a year.

Medical luggage
Medical equipment not required during the flight can possibly be carried as hand luggage anyway, as long as the dimensions and weight are within the valid hand luggage regulations and the equipment meets all safety standards. If the luggage does not meet the hand luggage regulations, TUI fly shall determine beforehand whether the luggage can be carried on board or needs to be transported in the hold.
Medication which must be stored cool, should preferably be carried in cooler bags or vacuum flasks within the valid hand luggage regulations (55Lx40Wx25H). There are no possibilities for refrigeration on board. You may carry up to 15 kg extra in hold luggage at no extra cost, provided that a valid doctors declaration and the specification of the medication can be produced.

Musical instrument
Musical instruments may only be carried in the cabin if the dimensions and weight are within the hand luggage rules. Musical instruments not applying to these hand luggage rules will be transported in a climate controlled luggage hold. If the musical instrument is too heavy, the excess luggage rate applies. It is not possible to purchase a seat for a musical instrument.

Surf, kite, wake or wave boards
One board measuring maximum 3.75 m can be carried in the hold at a charge.

Windsurfing boards
You may transport your windsurfing board, including mast and boom, at a charge.

Diving equipment
Diving equipment comprises a wetsuit, jacket, socks, mask, shoes, flippers, knife, empty compressed air tank and regulator.

  • The diving bottles must be empty and will only be carried if there is room for them.
  • Nitrogen harpoons may not be carried.
  • Underwater lamps may be carried as hand luggage, as long as you have removed the battery or the light bulb from the lamp. The on/off switch must be fixed in the 'off position'. This because diving lamps can contain rechargeable lead acid batteries, which generate extreme heat in a pressurized cabin.
  • You should not dive during within 24 hours before your flight, in order to avoid the risk of decompression sickness.

Diving equipment is included in the luggage allowance system. If the total weight of the hold luggage and the diving equipment exceeds the luggage allowance, these excess kilos will be subject to the standard excess luggage charge.

Golfing equipment
You may carry one golf bag in the hold, containing maximum 1 set of clubs and 1 pair of shoes, at a set charge. Additional golf bags will be transported on the basis of excess luggage charge.

Nordic walking poles
Nordic Walking poles are transported in the hold. They must be packed safely, preferably in a suitcase or sports bag, and fitted with protective caps. If the total weight of luggage exceeds the luggage allowance, the standard excess luggage charge will be payable. 

Walker trolley
One walker trolley is transported free of charge per passenger. You may take the walker to the gate, after which it will be transported in the hold. Upon arrival at your destination, the walker will be provided at disembarkation or returned via the luggage carousel.

Fishing tackle
One set of fishing tackle may be carried per passenger. Fishing tackle includes a maximum of 3 rods, one pair of waders and one accessories box (maximum dimension 40x20x20 and maximum weight 10 kg). This is included in the luggage allowance. If the luggage allowance is exceeded, the standard excess luggage charge will be payable.

Winter sports equipment
You may carry winter sports equipment, comprising boots, skis or snowboard and poles, at a standard set charge. If the weight of luggage exceeds the luggage allowance, the standard excess luggage charge will be payable.

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