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Frequently asked questions

Can I take my medication with me on board?
Make sure you always take your medication with you in your hand luggage. We also advise you to take the prescription for your medication in English, in the event that customs or security officers have questions about the medication or injection needles. Injection needles must be handed over in to the cabin personnel during the flight. Medication which must be stored cool, should preferably be carried in cool bags or vacuum flasks within the valid hand luggage regulations (55Lx40Wx20H,in cm. max. 10 kg). There is no possibility for refrigeration on board.

Medication covered by the Dutch opium law
When using medication covered by the Dutch opium law (including strong painkillers, medicinal cannabis or Ritalin), you are not automatically allowed to take it abroad. When travelling within the Schengen countries, you will require a Schengen statement. This statement is proof that you are carrying medication for own use only. It must be signed by your doctor and the Inspectorate.
When traveling to a country outside the Schengen region, we advise you to contact the Embassy or Consulate of the country you are visiting.

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