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Frequently asked questions

What can I do to feel good while flying?

Many people feel different on board an aircraft. They may be a little tense, may have dry eyes and their food does not taste the same as on the ground. Some things might help in these situations:

1. Lots of water: The air on board is much drier than on the ground. This can result in a dry mouth and nose feeling, irritated eyes and a dry skin. It is therefore important that you drink a lot of water. TUI fly recommends at least half a liter during your flight, and one glass per hour on long-destination flights.

2. Not too much alcohol: it is not sensible to drink alcohol on board. Alcohol has more effect on board van on the ground, and also dehydrates your body. If you suffer from a jetlag, this will be worsened by alcohol. Coffee is also not advisable because it is a diuretic. Fizzy drinks can cause gases in the stomach, and are therefore also unadvisable.

3. Moisturize your skin: If you normally already have a dry skin, make sure you moisturize it well before flying. This is necessary because of the dry air on board. Moreover, moisturized skin helps to protect you from dehydration of the body. Make sure you moisturize this before checking in, in case it is not allowed to carry the cream in your hand luggage. Good moisturizing creams are available from the chemist.

4. Attention for your eyes: It is advisable for contact lens wearers to wear their glasses during the flight. A classic tip from experienced travelers is to use slices of cucumber under a sleeping mask when taking a nap.

5. Sleeping and exercise: Besides trying to sleep, also try to get some exercise on board. For exercises during your flight, check: on board > fit and healthy on board > what exercises can I do during the flight?

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